New In Store 9-4-18

New In Store 9-4-18

Ash Gavin

Players, we're back again, sheltering from the April "showers" with a ton of new kitchen table entertainment. It's board games galore, so get a cuppa and a massive bowl of crisps, and settle in...

To begin with, it's Shadespire! We've come almost full circle with the Warhammer Underworlds phenomenon, and the Stormcast and Khorne-worshippers are back with all-new warbands. Magore's Fiends are three Blood Warriors, armed and armoured to the teeth and beyond, and Riptooth; a Flesh Hound who is a VERY good boy, especially when playing fetch or a nice game of "eviscerate the Skaven".

The Farstriders, by contrast, are a gleaming band of three Vanguard-Hunters, who employ ranged weapons (!) which could be a seismic shift in the way Shadespire plays. We'll soon see...

If you like your games a little less Warhammer-y, we've got a whole load of titles that are new to JustPlay. How about Coaster Park, a deck-building game in which you also race to build a physical, working roller coaster. Send your marble to the end of the track or risk defeat!



In Clank! you and up to three other players must sneak into a castle guarded by a deadly dragon to steal its treasure. But be careful - one wrong step and CLANK! the dragon awakes, and the more loot you're carrying, the angrier it is! Tread carefully...



Speaking of waking up grumpy, A King's Life is the 30-minute story of a king who just hates Mondays. In this zany game of alliances and wit, players must come up with a plan to improve his Highness' mood through the rest of the week. Feasts, hunts, jousts - choose your fun activities carefully to distract the tyrant and stay on his good side! Play with 4-8 players for an evening of family fun or a warmup for a board game all-nighter...



That's just a small selection of our ever-growing board game range. You might like the eat-the-rich ethos of Coupthe escapist sci-fi phenomenon that is Terraforming Marsor the wacky quickfire fun of Exploding Kittens. Whatever your jam, we've got you covered.* 

See you next time, players. Keep those dice rolling!

*we will not cover you in jam, even if you ask nicely. Sorry.


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