Gaming at JustPlay in 2020

Gaming at JustPlay in 2020

Ian O'Brien

Hi JustPlayers,

Welcome to 2020. We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!

Since our humble beginnings in a top floor converted office, our aim has always been to provide an awesome environment in which to game, socialise, and have fun. We're very proud of the high quality of the store that we're in; it's big, bright, and clean, and our staff do a great job of keeping it this way. Our furniture is of very high quality, having been completely replaced earlier this year. We have a lot of fantastic mats and terrain for wargaming and we're constantly adding more. We run a lot of events - often three or four at once on a weeknight, which our staff manage on top of everything else!

We were awarded with WPN Premium status by Wizards of the Coast recently, which is a great recognition of the quality level that we operate at, whether you play Magic or not.

As we've grown, upkeeping these high standards has had an increasing cost. Due to this, we've made the decision that from January 1st 2020, gaming at JustPlay will now cost £3 per person. We hope you'll agree that the facilities that we provide are worth it! Read on, and I'll explain thow this will work.


Play All Day, Only Pay Once

When you come to the shop, before you settle down for your activity of choice, you'll pay your £3 at the till. Whatever game you're there to play, you can game all day. There are no time limits and you can play as many different games as you like. A game of 40k at lunchtime, casual Magic at 3pm and D&D at 7pm? No problem, you only pay once!

Enter an Event, Play for Free

If you're playing in an event and you've already paid your £3 to play that day, your £3 will be discounted from your event entry fee. So if you're playing Magic in the evening and want to turn up early to practice, or Vanguard at 6pm and want to play a game of Warhammer first, you're not paying anything more than you do already.

Store Campaigns Will be Free

Over the last few years, the staff have run many campaigns for various games - Games Workshop, Bolt ActionFlames of War and more. Traditionally we've always charged for these campaigns. This change means that we don't need to do that any more, and we'll now be able to run them for free - keep your eyes peeled for more of these starting very soon! (We'll still have things like D&D campaigns running which are separate events - don't worry, they aren't going anywhere)

Demos and Academies are Free!

Want a demo of a game, or attend one of our academies? Don't worry - teaching games is still on us!

Earn Reward Points

Like everything else at JustPlay, paying to game will earn you JustPlay Points. Accrue points as you play and get even more value for money!

New: Memberships Available!

We'd originally planned to launch with a membership option, but it wasn't quite ready in time for this announcement. It's been heavily requested by our community since this announcement so we've got a (temporary, not pretty, but fully functional) membership option now available for you guys; £9.99 a month, with 5% off for signing up for a 3 month membership, and 10% off for signing up for a 1-year membership! You can sign up here:


And that's it. Simple, right? We're appreciative of the support you've all shown us for the last almost-4 years and we look forward to gaming with you all more as we make the changes we need to support JustPlay well into the future.

See you soon!

Ian, Ritchie, and the JustPlay Team

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