Flames of War Hobby League!

Flames of War Hobby League!

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Hello, fans of small tanks and tiny soldiers!

Starting mid-July, JustPlay will be running the official Flames of War Hobby League from Battlefront Miniatures. Regulars to the store will know that we've had a small but dedicated following for Flames of War for quite a while but don't currently stock the game - that's about to change, and it's all been inspired by the fantastic in-store play that Battlefront have planned for their game!

There are two boxes packed full of stuff!


The Hobby League kit is seriously impressive, and we honestly think it's one of the best kits we've seen. It comes with Limited Edition cards, tokens, objectives, and even deck boxes sized perfectly to fit the Flames of War unit cards. Read on to find out how you can get your hands on some!

The idea behind the Hobby League is that you slowly build up to a full-size, 100 point Flames of War D-Day Army (that's Late War, for those of you who know what that means) . In late October, OnTableTop - formerly known as Beasts of War - will be running a global Flames of War campaign, and as the Hobby league ends that campaign will begin. The Hobby League will prepare you for this campaign, and you'll be ready to join in the global fight for freedom! But that's not all; during the hobby league you can earn "Tactical Edge" cards which you can save up for your games in the global campaign, too, giving you advantages when you need them most.

Every week starting on 14th August, JustPlay will hold a Hobby League night on Wednesday. League players will meet for games, and earn achievements (see below) that work towards helping them in the campaign. Games can be played at any size (and if you want to play mid-war instead of late-war, we're not going to stop you), which means it's easy for you to play with what you have as you work up to your full 100 point force. Each week we'll recommend a points value for games but you can play whatever you like - the focus is on cool armies and having fun playing the campaign together. 

A tracker up on the wall in the shop for everyone to record their progress!


During the Hobby League, you will earn points on a points tracker for painting units for your army, up to a total of 100. The following limited edition goodies are up for grabs...

  • 50 points painted: A set of D-Day themed Movement Order and Mission Cards
  • 75 points painted: A set of D-Day themed acrylic Tokens
  • 100 points painted: A D-Day themed Deck Box

In addition to scoring points for painted units, you can also score various achievements. Every 5 achievements that you earn will give you access to one tactical edge card that you can use in the global campaign. You earn an achievements each time you do any of the following:

  • Attend Hobby League night - 1 achievement
  • Post a picture (or 10) of Hobby League night on Instagram - 1 point
  • Buy and paint a new unit (in addition to painting points) - 1 achievement
  • Bring a friend to Hobby League night - 1 achievement
  • Bring a table's worth of terrain to Hobby League night - 2 achievements
  • Teach a new player to play the game - 2 achievement
  • Attend a hobby league tournament (more on these later) - 5 achievements

At the end of the campaign, we'll also have cool awards for players with particularly high achievement scores... more on this as the campaign develops.

Does this sound awesome? We're not done yet!


In Early September, Battlefront will be releasing a special D-Day campaign pack that will become part of the Hobby League. Each game will form part of a campaign and have an effect on what game you play next. Also, each player will be able to choose an "ace" in their force, who will gain experience and skills during the campaign too! We can't wait to see this and get more details.

And last but by no means least, at a couple of points during the campaign we will run narrative tournament days linked to the Hobby League. These will award attendees with 5 achievements points as mentioned above, as well as tie into the Hobby League and give everyone a chance to test their mettle against other officers. The Hobby league kits comes with some very awesome D-Day themed objective markers to use as prizes for these events, so they'll be one to make sure you don't miss!

Are you as excited about this as we are? Head on over to Flames of War at JustPlay and grab your starter set, models and books - and get ready for the best campaign you'll play in 2019!




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