Event Report: Justice Series GT March!

Event Report: Justice Series GT March!

Isaac Wright
Last weekend we saw the return of the Justice Series GT! Ran and organised by Justplay Events! 

We would like to start by saying thank you to all of those in attendance, you all made the weekend a memorable one of great games and laughs with friends. We have captured some of these moments throughout the weekend, as well as some nail biter moments right in the heat of battle. 
Our first award we would like to mention is our most sporting player, a hugely important award at events, playing clean and friendly, as well as personifying a great opponent. Our winner is our very own Tom Lees! Congrats Tom!
Next we have some mentioned for particularly well painted armies from over the weekend! The quality of painting in this event was spectacular, it was extreamly difficult to pick a judge favorite for the event. Though in the end it went to Matthew for his gorgeous nighthaunt!
Our Players choice painting award for coolest army also went to Matt M for his KO!
All of our nominees together! 
Moving on from painting we had the high finishers, starting with the best in faction winners!

Into the Podium we had our very own Joe G in 3rd!
Peter Twigg in 2nd!
and our Grand Champion! Tom Mawdsley! Who won the golden ticket to the World Championship in Atlanta, WITH travel expenses! A huge congratulations to the winners!
A massive thank you again for all who atteneded, you all made the event one of the best we have ever had! We hope to see you all, and more, back for our next GT in October, where tickets are like now! Right HERE!

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