Event Report: Justice Series February 2023!

Event Report: Justice Series February 2023!

Isaac Wright
Welcome all! We here at Justplay want to say thank you to all those who came and attended our Age of Sigmar Justice Series this past weekend. Was great to see you all playing and having so much fun with the new Generals Handbook! 

This events theme was Champions! with a whole host of the armies having brought an abundance of these heroes to help them score, kill and control their games. 
Aidans Khorne take on the Lumineth


There was an abundance of Ogor armies in play throughout the day, taking advantage of the huge changes with champions to their Tyrant units, able to boss the battlefield a lot more efficiently than most!


Though it wasn't Ogors that won the day! The Justice Series crown goes to Mr Paul Bowden with his Seraphon list! going 3-0 and winning with brutal efficiency #serafun

Pauls List follows;

- Army Faction: Seraphon
- Army Type: Starborne
- Subfaction: Fangs of Sotek
- Grand Strategy: The Astromatrix
- Triumph: Indomitable
Slann Starmaster (290)*
- General
- Command Traits: Arcane Might
- Spells: Stellar Tempest
Saurus Astrolith Bearer (160)*
- Artefacts of Power: Serpent God Dagger
- Aspects of the Champion: Stubborn as a Rhinox
Skink Starpriest (140)*
- Spells: Celestial Harmony
Skink Priest (120)**
- Prayers: Curse
Skink Starpriest (140)**
- Spells: Hand of Glory
Celestant-Prime (330)**
Skinks (240)*
- Skink Alpha
- Boltspitter and Moonstone Club
Saurus Guard (120)*
Skinks (240)**
- Skink Alpha
- Boltspitter, Celestite Dagger and Star-buckler
Skinks (80)**
- Skink Alpha
- Boltspitter, Celestite Dagger and Star-buckler
1 x The Burning Head (30)
1 x Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws (70)
*Battle Regiment
**Battle Regiment
TOTAL POINTS: 1960/2000 

Pauls Seraphon in Action!

To see the full standings and other lists for the event, they can be found here:



That wraps up this months Justice Series! Thank you all for attending and we hope to see you at our next in March on the 4th! Tickets are available here: 





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