Dungeons and Dragons Gaming at JustPlay!

Dungeons and Dragons Gaming at JustPlay!

Shaun Wright

Good news wary traveler, pull up a chair by the fire and let us tell you about the exciting and wondrous adventures that are coming to your local gaming venue! We here at JustPlay have been very happy to recently announce our inclusion and support of Dungeons and Dragons play within the store and have reached out to you, the community, to help build this iconic pastime with us.

Sinking your teeth in...

After putting out the call for dedicated Dungeon Masters to come to our store and help provide exciting adventures and perilous plots for our players, we had an incredible response and are thankful to everyone who contacted us looking to make the magic truly happen. It is with this addition of our new Store Dungeon Masters that we are happy to announce weekly "one-shot" campaigns coming to the store every Sunday afternoon.

These single-session adventures will provide you with everything you need to get started in your new dungeoneering hobby! Whether you're entirely new to roleplaying games and fancy coming down to learn how to play from our seasoned Dungeon Masters or just fancy a raucous, bustling adventure through an ancient temple to fill your Sunday afternoon, this is the event is perfect for you. Come on down every Sunday from this Sunday onward and take part in the adventuring experience. Slay some goblins, steal the necromancers treasure and you too could be a hero!

Something with a little more bite...

On the other hand should you find that a single adventure is not enough to quench your swashbuckling, tomb-plundering thirst, our Dungeon Masters will be offering seasonal campaigns for you to join in and take part in each week, with each DM offering a different and exciting campaign of their own construction for you to get your teeth into. At just £3 per session going directly to the Dungeon Master's coffers, these hand-crafted and intricate campaigns will help you experience the true breadth and scale of a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign with several other willing and hopefully talented adventurers. 

Our first Dungeon Master of note is the battle-hardened veteran Matt who will be hosting this Sunday's one-shot session and will be running his weekly full campaign on Monday evenings. Having played Roleplaying Games for over 19 years and experiencing every system under the sun, Matt is an experienced and talented DM with a wide range of experience and influences to weave into his storytelling. His campaign will focus especially on your choices as a player, the impact they have upon the world around you and how you choose to go forth into the unknown. Will you find success as a team or will your adventures die out and fail, spelling doom for the entire world? 

Our second Dungeon Master looking to take you on an adventure is the talented and creative Eve who is ecstatic to be introducing you all to her latest diabolical creation. Eve is a 10 year veteran of Dungeon and Dragons and comes to Justplay having played role-playing games across all sorts of exotic locations such as the Arizona Desert, the sprawling metropolises of South Korea and even... Liverpool? Eve's storytelling and adventures thrive on all things creative and she will be running an 8-week long campaign welcoming all players, beginners and veterans alike. 

Everything an adventurer needs...

So what is it you as a player need to bring with you to take part? Simple, yourself! Dungeons and Dragons is a game built upon your imagination, a couple friends and a mutual willingness to have a brawl with some Kobolds looking for gold. We at JustPlay are working very hard behind the scenes to provide everything you need for an incredible gaming experience and everything is available in store ready for you to use so come on down and get involved! 

If you want to know more you can contact us by email hello@justplaygames.uk or pop in to store!

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