Covid19 Update: The "Rule of Six" and in-store play

Ian O'Brien

Hi Everybody,

Our in-store play and covid19 page has been updated to reflect the government's latest guidelines and the "rule of six", so we thought we'd just take a moment to explain how this will work for our events.

First the simple changes, following government guidelines:

  • You must only attend the store in groups of 6 or less
  • You must not play or socialise with people from other groups - social distancing rules apply as usual.
  • We require fully up-to-date contact information from you by law if you are playing in-store, so please make sure your account on the website is up to date (including name, address, email address, and phone number)

How does this impact events with pairings and multiple rounds?

We understand that events may still go ahead with numbers of people greater than 6 partaking in the same activity, as long as groups within that activity are limited to a maximum of 6. Therefore, effective immediately, all of our events will have some simple structural changes to accommodate this. Here's a couple of examples:

Magic events will be played within swiss pods of 6 people, with prizes distributed on a per-pod basis.

Warhammer Tournaments will be paired within groups of 6, with the overall winner of the event being decided using usual tiebreakers.

Magic: Commander Wednesday nights will still operate as usual, except both games on the night will be played with the same 4-person group

Check your events or consult with the staff member running the event for further info.

In Summary

These simple changes will keep events mostly intact and you'll still get largely the same tournament or event experience that you would have had before. All these changes do from a gaming point of view is slightly change the scoring dynamics and prizing, but in these unusual times we're sure you'll agree that being able to play and enjoy yourselves safely is the most important thing!

As ever, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or feedback via the usual channels.



Ritchie, Ian and Team JustPlay

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