Blood Bowl Launch Weekend at JustPlay (25-27th November)

Blood Bowl Launch Weekend at JustPlay (25-27th November)

Ritchie McAlley

“Welcome sports fans to the new season of everyone’s favorite sport, Blood Bowl! It's back bigger and better than ever and we are looking forward to meeting all of the new coaches can vying to lead their team to victory!”

To celebrate the launch of Blood Bowl, we will be holding a number of events over the launch period, starting with us staying open through Thursday night until 1am Friday morning on the 25th so that you can grab your game and teams ready for the weekend!

Blood Bowl is just £55 at JustPlay if you preorder, or £58.50 on launch weekend - 10% off Games Workshop prices (available for preorder on our website on 12th November!)

In addition, we'll be running Blood Bowl intros all night on Thursday night with our classic Blood Bowl sets so you can learn to play whilst you wait to pick up your toys!

All events over the weekend will award raffle tickets in varying amounts for taking part, performing well and more, as well as simply for picking up your copy of Blood Bowl at JustPlay. Then, on Saturday evening we will hold the raffle for £25 worth of store credit!


Friday (Store Opens 12pm)

  • Dungeon Bowl 2016
It's been along time since a Dungeon Bowl champion was crowned and this will be the first time ever at JustPlay! We are excited to bring you this alternative Blood Bowl format hosted by the Colleges of Magic - Wizards like football too!
Just bring your team to take part in this all day multiplayer event from 12pm-5pm. Join in anytime to this drop in/drop out game, with raffle tickets awarded to the top performing coaches!
You can check out the full rules here



Saturday (Special early opening at 9am!)


  • Dungeon Bowl continues - the same rules as Friday!
  • Free Play Blood Bowl all day; bring your team, grab one of our pitches and score some goals (or some heads!)
  • Display Your Colours - Painting Contest
Design the kit for your new team and show us your colours by painting up one of your brand new linemen! At 5pm we will judge the best painted entrants with the top entrant winning £10 of store credit!


(Bring your own paints and brushes!)


Sunday (Doors open 10.30am)


  • The Victory Doughnut Autumn Cup
An established Blood Bowl League in Liverpool will be holding their Autumn Cup in store on Sunday - you can find all of the details here
This event will use the new Blood Bowl rules, plus anyone who buys a copy of Blood Bowl at JustPlay this weekend will get free entry to this event, worth £5!


Cheers, and we look forward to seeing you for some Blood Bowl!
Jim, Bob and Ritchie

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