Age of Skeptics Part 4 - Scepticism Over!

Age of Skeptics Part 4 - Scepticism Over!

Ritchie McAlley

Very long time since I posted a update on my progress with my army but here it is!

I finished this quite a few months back now and have since then played a fair few games with it to. Unfortunately I never made it out to any events as things in JustPlay have required more and more of my time as we have grew (but this has already started changing this year!) the games I got to play in my store gaming nights though were incredibly fun and my love for AOS has only grown.

The finished army!

The two Thundertusks were a real challenge but I used parts from Duncan's painting guide to help guide me though. I have found these really handy simple enough and really helped get me back on track with my painting. The second of the two is so much better than the first much less mess on the tusks from dry brushing. On the first one I had to go back and hand paint quite alot of detail back on top add some depth to them. Most noticeable is the face though much cleaner and I like the shade I used better

A few pics of my two Thundertusks

The two goblin characters in my army came out really nice pleased with pretty much every aspect. Particularly the flesh on the Shaman and some new colour mixing I used on the mouth the cave squig. This was done by painting it pink first and using a purple wash then highlighting with the pink but mixing with a flesh tone to give it what I think is more realistic look than a bright pink.

A old favourite returns only ever painted the original 

Lucky enough to have a friend donate this to me

Final model I painted was the Maw Crusher the whole reason I even started playing. My starting point for this was again another GW guide I picked up a few little tricks from this but generally it was good just to see a order and steps she followed. The biggest thing I stole from it was the flame pattern blending the underbelly to the scales. 

In all his massive glory!


Properly the best job I have done on a model I painted so far I hope you like it I even stepped up my basing game on this one!

Gaming with the army.

Unfortunately this army has really dropped off now since GHB2017 lots of changes in points mostly in the wrong direction. The Maw Crusher came down but the everything else went up, Fanatics not only went up but only being able to buy them in units of 3 for now 100 points is really limiting. Shaman up, Warboss up, Night Goblins up and of course the Thundertusk. The Thundertusks are were this army really falls down now in my opinion once the kings of the table top now out ranged and out classed by many other units I have really struggled with them in GHB2017.

Well thank you all for reading about my Destruction army but its on to another army for what will be my first year on the AOS circuit starting with the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament heat one earlier in the year

Read all about what I have chosen and how I have got on in my upcoming blogs!

Thanks for reading