Age of Skeptics Part 3 - Painting and Modelling

Age of Skeptics Part 3 - Painting and Modelling

Ritchie McAlley

Today I am just going to briefly talk about my plans for painting my new army and my current progress.

First thing I am going to do is tackle the Night Goblins with fanatics I have 90 of these to finish. I will be painting all of these in one big chunk I don't recommend this for everyone it takes a lot of discipline to get though this many in one go but I find it the fastest and its so rewarding every time you finish even one wash over 90 models (picking up the first one again less so) I plan to tackle one color per painting session so all the green flesh then wash all the green flesh the next day and so on and its going well at this point I have done eight separate block of color on the models and started the ninth.

Of course before I started all this a test model was done now if you are going to try this method be careful not to take to much time on you test model don't get carried away!!!

 My test model

Now I think I was a pretty decent painter back in my day and I have produced some good stuff since then (not this little fella) but what I am is behind the times air brushing and all these new washes that just turn out amazing results with no effort is something in this project I really want to try out but first some new colors for me.

25 years of painting and not much to show for it

I spent all my younger years as a dedicated GW regular, who remembers their painting table rules? All you could use was a starter set well that was all I needed we mixed everything it had Chaos Black, Skull White, Goblin Green, Enchanted Blue, Snakebite Leather, Bronzed Flesh, Flesh Wash, Sunburst Yellow, Mithril Silver and Blood Red.


Here it is and yes I remembered all the colors before I googled this 

I have since added a few more things to my old collection few of the new washes and some colors I have been using for this along with my Guild Ball and Gates of Antares Armies I have painted.

Onto the steps I will be following to finish the above model

  • Undercoat Black
  • Dry Brush cloaks GW Kantor Blue
  • Wash cloaks GW Nuln Oil
  • Paint flesh GW Goblin Green
  • Wash flesh GW Biel Tan Green
  • Dry brush flesh GW Goblin Green
  • Dry brush flesh 1 part Goblin Green 1 Part Sunburst Yellow
  • Paint all brown areas (bows, quivers, belts etc) Vallejo Model Color 

At this point I also had black paint on my pallet and tidied up any mess that was not picked up by the brown this whole stage was about sorting out all the Dry Brush mess.

  • Dry Brush the feathers for the bows along with select leather straps in Averland Sunset to make them stand out from the general Brown areas for the next stage
  • Wash all Brown areas including Dry Brushed areas Vallejo Sepia Wash
  • Dry Brush the feather and nets white
  • Pick out teeth White
  • Paint eyes Red

This takes us to the final details stage on the models mostly this is the command group flags banners and gongs I will be using this along with the details around the hood to identify my units. Yellow flames like the test model for one unit of 20 along with a yellow banner then a black and white check hood trim on a unit of 20 with banner to match and finally a red flame around my large unit of 40 models (I hope the quickest of the three) and that will finish the painting.

This only leaves the bases to finish I am not really into elaborate basing on any model so these have had sand stuck to them which I will Dry Brush like mud then place some Army Painter grass tuffs on them I like them to be able to match most common tables and I find green and brown are the best to colors for this.

Right now I am just up to working on the final details stage on all my Night Goblins next blog I will pop in some pics of them all done! 

Thanks for reading everyone