W&N Oil Paint: Terra Rosa Artist Grade 37ml
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Oil paints are a miniature painter's secret weapon! From effortless pinwashing of details, quick and satisfying shading and the smoothest blends in the painting world, we recommend everyone to try them out! Winsor & Newton Artist Grade oil paints are the perfect combination of finely milled pigments and quality oils. We recommend using synthetic brushes, odorless white spirit to clean brushes and paint that got where it shouldn't. 

Terra Rosa is a warm, brownish red colour. It is an earth pigment, and is also known as Bole. Bole stems from the Latin blus meaning lump of earth. It is an opaque and permanent pigment.

Colour Number635

Vehicle OilLinseed Oil



Permanence DescriptionExtremely Permanent

Lightfastness CodeI

Lightfastness DescriptionExcellent

Opacity DescriptionOpaque

Pigment CodesPR101