Star Wars Legion: Empire Bundle
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1 xFFGSWL01 Star Wars: Legion Core Set 
1 xFFGSWL15 Star Wars: Legion- E-Web Heavy Blaster Team Unit Expansion
1 x FFGSWL34 Star Wars Legion: Imperial Death Troopers Unit Expansion
1 x FFGSWL41 Star Wars Legion: Imperial Shoretroopers Unit Expansion
1 x FFGSWL57 Star Wars Legion: Darth Vader Operative Expansion
1 x FFGSWL27 Star Wars Legion: Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion
Plus your choice of one of these Commanders: 
FFGSWL10 Star Wars: Legion General Veers Commander
FFGSWL80 Star Wars Legion: Agent Kallus Commander Expansion
FFGSWL22 Star Wars Legion: Emperor Palpatine Unit Expansion
FFGSWL60 Star Wars: Legion: Iden Versio and ID10 Commander Expansion