Necromunda: Hive War
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Choose your gang – either the hard-bitten Escher, or the enigmatic Delaque – and fight thrilling, fast-paced tactical games set in the criminal underbelly of one of Necromunda’s towering hive cities, Hive Primus.

The set includes 10 plastic miniatures from each gang, each of which can be armed with a variety of weapons and equipment.

The boxed also features a 104-page softback rulebook – your one-stop shop for everything you need to learn about the game. In addition to introducing the setting and background of Necromunda, the rulebook provides you with guidance on how to generate your gang, and how to play the game itself. It also includes multiple scenarios in which you’ll vie for dominance against your rivals and prove your gang is the toughest.

Hive War also includes an array of modular terrain, representing the cramped streets of the underhive, as well as a double-sided gaming mat, dice, tokens, cards, and all the templates you need.