Stormcast Eternals: Lord-Arcanum on Tauralon / Aventis Firestrike
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This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Lord-Arcanum on Tauralon. Armed with an aetherstave and spirit flasks, he rides a Tauralon – this great beast has an impressively wide wingspan, with a dense skull and thick curled horns.

Alternately, this kit can be used to assemble Aventis Firestrike – a specific Lord-Arcanum who rides a unique Tauralon named Loithar. When assembled as Aventis, this kit also makes an extra Lord-Arcanum on foot. 

This kit comes as 67 components. Supplied with a Citadel 100mm Round base for the Tauralon, and a Citadel 40mm Round base for the optional Lord-Arcanum on foot.