Into the Inklands Launch Event 24/02/24
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To celebrate the launch of Into the Inklands we are holding a special Sealed Deck event.

Sealed is a brilliant chance to get your hands on the new cards while enjoying a whole day of playing!

What is sealed in Lorcana?

Players will be provided with six booster packs each to use as their individual card pool, from which they will build a 40-card deck using any number of different inks (rather than only two inks). More than four copies of a card with the same full name can be played.

In addition each player get a prize pack just for entering and JustPlay will put a prize pack in the pool for each player. And ofc spins on our prize wall. 

Every entrant will receive an entry promo

The top 8 for this event will also receive some coveted lorcana pins and additional promos!

Start time 11am (deck building till 12pm)

Rounds will be based on attendance in a best of 3 format with 50min rounds.

Entry 41.99