HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror Quest Pack
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Released in November 2022 as the winter sets in!

In the HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror expansion, players must destroy the evil Frozen Horror, a ferocious creature that threatens the icy realm of the Northlands. The powerful Barbarian must survive a series of dangerous solo quests, with success bringing other heroes to join him.

Immerse yourself in the fantasy setting with stunning artwork, 21 highly-detailed miniatures, full-colour tiles, and 10 brand-new quests not available in the base game. This expansion has limitless replayability, giving players the opportunity to forge their own epic quests and stories.

HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror Expansion

• A Quest Book featuring 10 Quests
• 21 finely detailed miniatures
• 2 Dungeon Doors
• 35 Game Cards
• 3 Cardboard Tile Sheets
• 6 Combat Dice
• 2 Movement Dice
• Pad of Character Sheets

Requires the HeroQuest Game System to play (sold separately).