Greyjoy Heroes #2: A Song of Ice and Fire
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The Kraken brings the tides, or is it the other way round? The fact is that no Westerosi coast is truly safe and the Greyjoys may just appear at your doorstep! Greyjoy Heroes 2 brings an impressive array of Greyjoy leaders and followers alike, such as Asha Greyjoy, Baelor Blacktyde, and Moqorro.

Tactical Points

  • Bealor Blacktyde, Lord of Blacktyde is a great Commander for fighting at lower Ranks. A savvy player may use the Greyjoy’s generally lower defense values along with Baelor’s Abilities and Tactics Cards to their advantage.
  • Asha Greyjoy, Would-be Queen’s Influence Ability is great to further capitalize on a unit’s pillage tokens, making them more likely to pass Morale Tests and suffer less Wounds if they fail a Panic Test.
  • Moqorro, Slave of R’hllor is a powerfull Attachment that can bolster his own unit with his Order: Incite, as well as supporting friendly units with his Order: Supply Aid.