Cyanocrylate Adhesive Extra
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Cyanocrylate Adhesive, Super Glue type, with 5x precision interchangeable glue tipsPROFESSIONAL FORMAT in 20 gr, extra large bottle. 

The precision tips will control the dispensing so that the glue will not come out too fast and will protect the nozzle from becoming stuck. You can use each tip many times before having to replace it. After using the glue tip and because it has a very small hole on nozzle, you may leave it on the bottle for weeks, not even capping the glue bottle without harming the glue in any way. The effect of the glue tips and the low density of the glue will force the glue all times flowing back into the bottle improving its preservation.

Glue tips need to be fitted tight on your glue bottles. Press the glue tip on with some pressure, so that it seats very tightly.


- Make sure Glue tips has been fitted tight on your glue bottles before using.

- If you are not planning to use the CA glue for a long period of time prepare the glue for storage: remove the glue tip, clean and wipe your CA bottle nozzle and neck, and re-cap it. Keep the glue tip for next time.

- CA will last longer if it’s stored in a refrigerator because of the low humidity. If you have a desiccant absorbent packet, keep it with the CA glue inside a Zip-lock bag. Keep your CA glue as dry as possible at all times. We DON’T recommend storing in your freezer, since condensation can form when you take it out.

- Make sure your CA glue is stored away from your CA accelerator. The accelerator gives off fumes (aerosols) just sitting there, which can cause CA glue to harden in the bottle prematurely. We recommend a zip-lock bag for the accelerator.


1x 20gr. glue bottle 
5x glue tips