Cities of Sigmar: Ironweld Great Cannon
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Introducing the Ironweld Great Cannon - Your Unstoppable Artillery Powerhouse!

The Ironweld Great Cannon is a colossal piece of artillery that stands as a formidable bastion within a Castelite formation. Protected by robust oaken gun-shields, securely affixed to the cannon's front, the dedicated crew tirelessly load, fire, and reload their weapon to rain down an unyielding storm of firepower upon their foes.

This versatile multipart plastic kit allows you to construct your very own Ironweld Great Cannon, a potent war machine utilized by the mighty Cities of Sigmar. The massive cannon is ingeniously mounted on a sturdy, wheeled wooden frame, complete with a winch arm securely held in place by chains, ropes, and anchored posts. Crewed by a pair of skilled artillerists from the Ironweld Arsenal, you have the creative freedom to choose their poses, heads, and arm positions, enabling you to assemble a diverse array of these formidable big guns.

To add your personal touch, the kit offers numerous optional basing elements for customizing your Great Cannon. These include a spare taper, a discarded hammer, stacked ammunition, and loose rounds that represent three specialized payloads: cannonball, grapeshot, and an armor-piercing shell.

This comprehensive kit consists of 61 high-quality plastic components and comes with a Citadel 90mm Round Base for a striking display. Additionally, you'll receive a Cities of Sigmar Transfer Sheet, featuring 410 Free City icons, Sigmarite cult sigils, and various heraldic symbols to enhance your model.

Please note that this miniature is delivered unpainted and unassembled. To bring it to life, we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints. Elevate your army's firepower with the Ironweld Great Cannon and dominate the battlefield in style!