Arkham Horror: Murder at the Excelsior Hotel
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"I have answers.
Room 225. Tonight. Come alone.
They’re watching."

Reports of strange occurrences have been circulating around Arkham about the prestigious Excelsior Hotel: disappearances, bizarre sightings, sudden closures that go on for days without warning. You tried talking to the police about these suspicious claims, but they dismissed you with little more than a glance up from their desks. So, when you receive a note promising answers if you come to the mysterious location, you feel compelled to make the meeting.

The Excelsior Hotel is busy when you arrive, despite the rumors that have hounded the hotel for over a month now. Everything seems normal, though you cannot help but wonder if the staff and guests are really preoccupied with their various activities, or if they are gathered to keep an eye on you and your investigation. Still, you have come too far to turn back. The blood‐red door to room 225 stands before you and all that is left for your to do is take a deep breath, and knock. 

What happened at the Excelsior Hotel? With the clock ticking and danger around every corner, will you be able to figure out the truth behind this grisly murder and clear your name? Or will you be the next victim? The truth is out there, but the story is yet to be told. Pack your bags and check in for a night at the Excelsior Hotel!