Barbed Wire Simulated 5 Meters
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5 metres of simulated barbed wire or razor wire- ideal for making model barbed wire in any scale from 15mm (1/100) to 54mm (1.35).  You can coil it, string it between matchsticks, cocktail sticks or wire posts to make entanglements, or glue it to the tops of walls and fences for "industrial" settings. 

Cut the desired length with clippers or pliers. 
Wind it around a rod of appropiade diameter according to the scale needed, to make coiled reels of barbed wire. 
String between posts to make barbed wire entaglements; you can use bits of cocktail sticks or matchsticks for wooden posts, or bent wire metal posts. 
As an approximate guide, waist-high post should be about half of the height of a figure in the scale you are using.
This set contains 5 meters (16 feet) of simulated barbed wire suitable for all scales.
Thickness 0.75mm