Star Wars Legion: Republic Bundle
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1 x FFGSWL01 Star Wars: Legion Core Set
1 x FFGSWL14 Star Wars: Legion- 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team Unit Expansion
1 x FFGSWL21 Star Wars: Legion Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion
1 x FFGSWL26 Star Wars Legion: Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion
1 x FFGSWL39 Star Wars Legion: Rebel Veterans Unit Expansion
1 x FFGSWL56 Star Wars Legion: Luke Skywalker Operative Expansion
Plus your choice of one of these Commanders:
FFGSWL12 Star Wars: Legion Leia Organa Commander
FFGSWL20 Star Wars: Legion Han Solo Commander Expansion
FFGSWL78 Star Wars Legion: Lando Calrissian Commander Expansion
FFGSWL31 Star Wars: Legion Jyn Erso Commander Expansion
FFGSWL59 Cassian Andor and K-2SO Commander Expansion: Star Wars Legion