Meet the Team, X-Wing Phill Blackmore

Meet the Team, X-Wing Phill Blackmore

Ritchie McAlley

Hey everyone I am Phill, “Green Leader” Blackmore my Team number is 00, And I am in Captain/Manager/Organiser role doing all the boring stuff.

Phill Top Left!

Which game is your main focus for tournaments and events?

Star Wars for sure! I love having fun meeting new people who share my love for it.

What is it you like about competitive play?

I always enjoy my matches.

What is it that draws you to play this game in events?

Meeting new people and the variety that brings. No two lists are the same and the more people you play against, the more interesting combinations you see. This creates more of a challenge as well as giving me new ideas and combinations I can try myself.

What’s been your highlight of playing in your game's tournaments?

Meeting the wider community and building our reputation as both good players, and as people who play the game in a fun way.

We all play games to have fun, if its too competitive it stops being fun and you have to ask yourself then, what’s the point?

Phil and his Team winning a Most Sporting Opponents award at a recent event

For people who have never been to a tournament before and are considering taking part, what would you say to them?

Try it! You’ll meet new people and even if you don’t do as well as you might hope, you will see new things you will want to try, things you’d never even thought of.

Tell us a surprising fact about yourself people would not normally know?

I can count to 10 in 6 different languages!

You wake up tomorrow in the Star Wars universe, what faction do you see yourself aligned with and realistically were do you see yourself? Cleaning the trash compactors or hunting down Jedi Knights!

I’d be strapped into my Tie Fighter flying on Darth Vader’s wing, helping restore order to the galaxy!!

Thanks to Phil for taking the time to introduce himself and tell us about why he likes taking part in events for Team JustPlay.

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And most of all thanks to Phil and the rest of the team for spreading the word and wearing our colors up and down the country.

Ian & Ritchie