X-Wing Store Championship Report and Lists!

X-Wing Store Championship Report and Lists!

Ritchie McAlley

Last week we hosted 30 of the finest pilots around at our first ever X-Wing Store Championships. Thank you very much to everyone who made the effort to travel from the surrounding towns and cities and from other clubs such as Element and Harlequins.

With 5 rounds and top 4 cut the schedule for the day we had a lot of games on the cards and a tight cut to make the top 4 single elimination stage.

After 5 rounds we had one player on 5-0 and another 5 on 4-1 meaning two people would be missing out on MOV!

Commiserations to the two players just missing out!

We had a Team JustPlay member make the top 4! Mike Bennett would be representing us taking on Colm Browne in the Semi finals while Seb would face Colin.

I would also like to congratulate all the players that made the top 8 and won the acrylic range rulers.

Thumbs up everyone! or club people over the head..

Top 4 (left to right) Colm, Mike, Seb and Colin

You can check out the full standings and see all the Top 4 players lists here along with all the round pairings and any other information here.

In the Top 4 Team JustPlay member Mike was taking on Element Games own Colm. Mike flying Decimator and Quickdraw vs 5 A-Wings. Mike popped a A-Wing really early on but the game ended up with Mikes Decimator being backed into a corner on 2 hull points while defending himself against Colm's last remaining A-Wing on 1 HP! Three rounds of shooting seen Mike not be able to take advantage of his higher pilot skill and the A-Wings took the victory and on to the final.

The Top Four Doing Battle!

Once the other semi final game was finished we seen Seb Brady taking a break from his normal Y-Wings and playing 3 X-wing make it to the final for another all Rebel final and one involving actual X-Wings! Shame that was as far as it went as I am sure you all know by now nothing could stop Colm with a final record of 7-0 with his own favorite list which I believe he has put a lot of effort in to learning and playing great to see this pay off for him congratulations.

Our winner Colm Browne.

Thanks you again to everyone that came on the day we have the final X-Wing Q2 Tournament coming up next week with Range Rulers for the first 16 competitors to sign up all the details and tickets are available here.


Team JustPlay

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