Warhammer Trade Price Increases

Warhammer Trade Price Increases

Ritchie McAlley

Today Games Workshop Increases their trade price by 5.8% on all plastic kits and paints, with no increase in RRP.

This is quite a blow to FLGS like us and our customers, we typically give 15% off on all these products and can not afford to swallow this increase.

We hope that Games Workshop still appreciates the part that stores like JustPlay have in building our communities and giving people fantastic places to play. Meeting other like minded people, playing tournaments. All while offering their range at a discounted price that helps many hobbiests collect and build their armies. Particularly during the tough times we are all facing right now.

We thank every one of you who knows what FLGS offer and have supported us or your own small local small store. And we hope you will still be able to support us in the future. 

We will hold our prices until Tuesday December 27th when new stock will begin to arrive. After this the discount across the vast majority of  plastic kits we offer for sale will now be 10%. The price of Paints, hobby supplies, books and Webstore Exclusive Items will not change. 



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