The Conflict on Espandor Rages On

The Conflict on Espandor Rages On

Shaun Wright

The fires of destruction have raged across the continents of Espandor for the past two weeks in a swathe of bloody conflict between the forces of the imperium and the ruinous powers seeking it's downfall. The first two weeks of conflict saw incredible battles as the brave infantry of the Vostroyan Astra Militarum under Commander Mustang and his trusty War-Bear came to the defence of the planet and stoically took on all comers. Rumours of the secretive and mysterious Grey Knights were muttered across several conflict zones but reports are still varied about their motives. Whether seeking the retrieval of holy relics or simply appearing to bolster the Imperium and stamp out daemaonic incursions, only time will tell.

Skirmish conflicts on the eastern continent of Bartaros saw The Imperial Fists assaulted and harassed in several raids, with the marines of Dorn barely escaping a cunning trap layed out by a contingent of Chaos Space Marines but suffering heavy losses. It is said the apothecaries of the legion worked long and hard, but were unable to save many and several gene seeds were lost to the battlefield. 

The terrifying forces of the VIII Legion Night Lords wrought a campaign of terror and destruction on the Adeptus Mechanicus cities of Kemlech and Dastan I, massacring swathes of civilians and imperial agents before the local PDF forces were able to force them back into hiding. Though they the planetary defence force fought valiantly, the Night Lords left the battlefield unscathed and imperial outposts are reporting increasing sabotage and vandalism on the outer reaches of the planet. 

The Plains of Dust were host to the powerful might of the space wolves, looking to secure the planet's primary ammunition and arms production facilities. Though the sons of Fenris were beset for 9 standard units, they were not found wanting and the crucial assets remain under imperial rule. Finally seeing an opportunity to break the siege, the wolves pursued their Eldar attackers into a meat grinder but their aggression was only rewarded in Imperial blood. Swathes of young blood claw recruits were cut down before the powerful Incubi and the psychic might of the Farseers ran rampant. 

Reports are flooding in and the Astropaths have informed the High Lords of Terra that the conflict is now moving to the northern continent of Equus. Whilst the land is habitable, vast expanses and harsh sandstorms mean the territory is home to the hardiest of the populace and several key Medicae facilities. If the planet is to hold the Imperium must face off all foes and maintain these key locations and war is coming. The destruction so far has been but a whisper before the escalating violence this new conflict will hold. 

As we move on now this next two weeks of Warhammer 40,000 8th edition at JustPlay will be played at 1500 points as we add more forces and engage in bloodier conflicts. The fate of Espandor is still left in the balance and we can't wait to see who is left standing. Come down on Wednesday night at 6 pm to take part in our main 40k night and place your mark on the fate of Espandor. 

Don't forget our armies on parade competition at the end of the 6 weeks were can win some store credit for even more 40k get your hobby on!

 Happy Wargaming, 

Team JustPlay.

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