What's New - 30/4/18

Ash Gavin

Welcome to another feast of new gaming things, players! I hope you're well. I've been thinking about you. 

There's plenty to look at today: we've got pre-, mid- and post-apocalyptic goodies, and some that aren't anything to do with the end of the world at all! Let's get into it.

The unstoppable hype train that is Games Workshop pulls into town again, carrying even more Idoneth Deepkin for Age of Sigmar. The mysterious deep-aelves bring their Isharann Agents to battle: the Soulrender, Soulscryer and Tidecaster. Command the tides of magic and steal your enemies' souls with the power of the abyss! 

Not to be outdone by the Mortal Realms, the grim darkness of the far future gets its own new addition as the Van Saars stride into the turf wars of Necromunda. Accompanying them is Gang War III, with all you need to take your gang wars to the next level (figuratively of course - nobody escapse the Underhive!) with expanded campaign rules, scenery tutorials and more.

From one industrially-ruined planet to another now, as we approach Earth, in a hellish alternate 2018. The Martian corporations run everything, Earth is a ghetto, and the mob is kept entertained by the most extreme and violent of gasoline-powered blood sports.

Players, GASLANDS is here! Osprey Games' most famous work, GASLANDS is a tabletop racing game filled with outrageous mods, burning rubber and utter carnage. All you need is the rulebook, a selection of toy cars and a twisted imagination! Keep an eye out for our Gaslands organised play series, coming soon!

In another, slightly more pleasant world, Blood Bowl gets a new team and a new publication. In the first issue of Spike! journal you'll find tons of advice on coaching your Chaos Chosen to victory on the pitch, star player profiles, a misty-eyed career retrospective on Lord Borak the Despoiler, and even rules for how to proceed if one of your players is turned into a frog! Magical moments indeed...

The aforementioned Chaos Chosen team are also out this week. The Doom Lords, a motley collection of Chaos Blockers and Beastmen, are sure to carve themselves a niche in your local league... One way or another... 

Now let me hear those engines revving, players, and we'll see each other very soon!

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