Store Pickup (with zero contact) Now Available!

Store Pickup (with zero contact) Now Available!

Ian O'Brien

With the slight easing of lockdown restrictions, we figured that you guys may like the option to get your hands on stuff™ same day and/or without having to pay for delivery. Therefore, as our latest "innovation" we're introducing the option for completely zero-contact pickup at the JustPlay store!

Placing An Order

Ordering is simple - just place a order, and select the all-new "Pick Up" option when choosing your delivery method:

We'll get it ready for you to pick up within the hour. Pickup will be available between 12pm-6pm Monday-Friday, Saturday 11am-3pm (as per our store opening hours). Please note that you must place and pay for your order online - there will be no facility to pay with cash or card at the store. You can of course place another order online via your phone if you get to the store and realise you missed something!

Collecting Your Order

We take Covid-19 very seriously, so we ask you to follow these simple steps!

  • Go through the big wooden doors and ring the bell - the inner glass doors will be locked. Yes, JustPlay basically has an airlock for an entryway. We planned for global pandemics when we looked at properties.
  • Let us know your order number, then step back outside of the store and close the wooden doors
  • A staff member will fetch your order and place it inside the "airlock", then return inside the inner glass doors

We'd love to catch up with you all when you pick up your orders, but we're operating on a very skeleton staff right now and very pushed for time so please don't be offended that we're not able to have a chat when you pick up your order.


Hopefully this simple offering will make things a little bit easier and more satisfying for you guys when you want to get hold of items quickly Frankly we're hoping it will also help us get back to some normalcy in terms of store sales too; as ever we appreciate your custom and thanks for continuing to support us as we figure out the best ways to serve you!

We'd be incredibly appreciative if you'd share this article (or the Facebook post or Tweet that you came here from), or otherwise let your friends and family know that is open for business

For any questions or feedback please get in touch on Facebook or Twitter, or join us on our Discord Server.



Ian, Ritchie and Team JustPlay


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