Same-Day Local Delivery Service & Other Updates

Ian O'Brien

Same-Day Home Delivery (Available Now!)

Today we're announcing our new same-day home delivery service that we are launching today in response to the Coronavirus isolation policies. This service will allow you to order from JustPlay as normal, meaning that you can still get your gaming fix, keep working on your projects at home, and support us all at the same time!

First, I want to set expectations. This is new, and it's been planned in 24 hours, meaning it is subject to changes as we try it out. We're pretty good at what we do though, and if it's a service that our customers take advantage of, we've already got extra drivers on standby to scale it up. For now, Ritchie will be delivering items straight to your door.

As Coronavirus precautions dictate, orders will be packed in a hygienic area that is frequently wiped down and sanitised. Deliveries will be dropped at your door, and you won't need to make any physical contact with the driver.

Initially we are delivering in the L1 to L30 areas inclusive. We may refine this as we go on, and we're very open to feedback from you guys if your area is not covered. If there is demand to go farther afield or through the tunnel, we'll definitely consider it.


Going forward we'll be delivering Home Delivery orders for CH postcodes every Friday. We've chosen Fridays because it ensures that we've gotten all of our deliveries in for the week. For CH delivery, please choose the usual Home Delivery option on our site and just ignore the "L Postcodes Only" part, and Ritchie will see you on delivery day!

If you head to and place an order, you'll see a new option for same-day local delivery. There is a minimum £10 order and a £1 delivery fee (to cover petrol). We've kept this as low as possible for now.

Our driver will leave the store each day at 3pm, and deliveries will take place between 3pm-7pm. Orders placed by 2pm will be delivered on the same day. This part is definitely open to change if you guys have feedback here, and we'll happily do more if there is more demand!

That's it - please take advantage of this service! It supports us through this very difficult time for business, and also means you get stuff to play with at home, which will be very useful if you want to take part in our isolation-based activities which we'll be announcing in the coming days (starting with a Games Workshop-related announcement later today!)

Outstanding Store Pickups

If you have an order placed before lunchtime on 17/03 that was to be for store pickup, and you can't or don't want to come to the store, please get in touch with us via the usual channels and we'll home deliver it for free.


Club JustPlay Memberships

Many of you are Club JustPlay members and are undoubtedly wondering what happens to your memberships during this period. We'll be converting all money spent on Club JustPlay memberships during isolation to store credit. That includes pro-rata'd credit for those of you who pay 3 or 12 monthly. This is a manual and complex process (not the least of all because everybody's memberships renew on different days!) so we aren't doing this immediately, but rest assured you won't end up out of pocket.


That's everything for now! We'll be announcing lots more about community continuity and isolation events in the coming days so please do stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for more news, and don't forget that you can also join us (and the rest of the community) on Discord at

Thanks for reading, look out for eachother and stay safe! And as ever, if you could help us out by sharing this article around, that would be amazing.

Ian, Ritchie and Team JustPlay

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