Modern & Pioneer Leagues Plus NEW Prize Wall

Modern & Pioneer Leagues Plus NEW Prize Wall

Ritchie McAlley

We are expanding our Magic the Gathering League offering to include Modern and Pioneer. Our Commander League has always been a huge success rewarded repeat play instore and a goal anyone can reach, a Top final for the end of the League. 

How will it work?

Leagues will be 8 weeks long with the 9th week being the League Grand Final, inviting the top 8 players to play a 3 round Swiss Tournament. The top 4 players from this event will take home a cut of the League Prize Pool. 

Every game you win or draw adds points to your league score, 3 for a win 1 for a Draw. The top 8 ranked players will be invited the the final (random if tied)

Entry each week will be £6 with £3 Store Credit each player going into the League Prize pool and £3 Store Credit for that nights prizes.

The winner of the League Final will take 50% of the prize pool, 2nd 25%. 3rd & 4th 12.5%

How will the prizes on the night work now?

Attendance and number of rounds make this difficult to be fully transparent but we hope to the following: 

Winner 50% of the prize pool, 2nd 25%. 3rd & 4th 12.5%

But as important is to make sure people on winning records get a fair share. 

Prize Wall changes 

We are seeding the prize wall now and rewarding the top 4 players with a spin on the wheel to win a random card from the wall. We will always make sure there are some great cards available and 1st to 4th all have a chance of winning something awesome! Starting for all events October 4th.

Luis helping with the Prize Wall

When will all this begin?

Modern is every Tuesday starting on October 4th with the final November 29th

Pioneer is every Thursday starting on October 6th with the final December 1st

We hope you like these changes and that you come along to join in. If you want to win the League or grab some prizes each week. 

Thanks to all the members of the community who helped us with feedback on this. Luis and Stephanos for their help with Modern and Pioneer. Not forgetting Cats continuous support with the Commander League.

Team JustPlay



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