Magic the Gathering Leagues Round 2

Magic the Gathering Leagues Round 2

Ritchie McAlley

Thanks to everyone who joined in the the Modern, Pioneer and of course Commander Leagues over the last 8 weeks. Thanks again to Cat and Luis for the support in running these. 

We hoped to increase instore for play for Modern and Pioneer with a increased incentive to return with the League Prize Pot and the updated Prize Wall for weekly prizes. And it did go got great with mostly positive feedback and some great ideas to carry forward. Plus some things we can think about maybe trying in the future.

Pioneer had a big increase in numbers in no small part down to the fantastic welcoming players and the help of Christian and Stefanos championing the format for everyone. 

our winners sharing nearly £300 in prizes


Firstly a few smaller things first:

On the final week the first week of the league begins at 7:30pm (so the quarter finalist eliminated can join in) with a 3 round cap. 

Stand ins will not be allowed for finals week and we will draw the Top 8 pairings based on turn out and to avoid semi final byes.

Each League will have a Christmas break this season. The weekly events will run normally with all £6 in the prize pool that night.


League Break for 2 weeks 22nd & 29th, Final Feb 9th.


League Break for 2 weeks 20th & 27th, Final Feb 7th.

Prize Wall

Maintaining this across over 40 events with over 120 spins was a challenge!

We are going to scrap the arena codes from this, if you win a spin and want one just ask. 

We are going to have 1 Premier Card this is down from 2 but the quality will stay better for longer. 

The other rares and mythic that are less desirable (worth less) will increase in number. 

With a visual change to. 

Everyone will win a promo Magic the Gathering card and the chase cards will be up longer giving even more people a great chance to win.

How the Leagues Work

Leagues will be 8 weeks long with the 9th week being the League Grand Final, inviting the top 8 players to play a 3 round Swiss Tournament. The top 4 players from this event will take home a cut of the League Prize Pool. 

Every game you win or draw adds points to your league score, 3 for a win 1 for a Draw. The top 8 ranked players will be invited the the final (random if tied)

Entry each week will be £6 with £3 Store Credit each player going into the League Prize pool and £3 Store Credit for that nights prizes.

The winner of the League Final will take 50% of the prize pool, 2nd 25%. 3rd & 4th 12.5%

How will the prizes on the night work now?

Attendance and number of rounds make this difficult to be fully transparent but we hope to the following: 

Winner 50% of the prize pool, 2nd 25%. 3rd & 4th 12.5%

But as important is to make sure people on winning records get a fair share. 


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