Kaldheim Shipping Update

Kaldheim Shipping Update

Ritchie McAlley

Hi Magic Players,


Taking in to account delivery time and cut off for shipping we will endeavour to have as many orders fullfilled tomorrow as we can via Royal Mail or Local delivery. All will be completed by end of day Thursday. 

We've just been informed that our Kaldheim Prerelease stock will not arrive in time for release on 29th January as expected.

You are probably aware that stores have to order prerelease stock months in advance, and we're no different; our order was placed much earlier in 2020. We've been in close communication with our distributor since the problems that Brexit has caused became apparent, and though we were assured that there would be no issues with the delivery of our Kaldheim stock, that unfortunately hasn't been the case.

We're sorry for the late notice - even today, the staff were in store ready to prep and pack hundreds of orders ready for shipping and the Ritchie express!


What we're doing next

Our order is currently expected to arrive some time next week. We'll be shipping postal orders within 24 hours of the stock arriving.

Store Pickup items will be available as soon as the stock arrives.

Deliveries via the Ritchie express will happen the day after they arrive.

We will post further updates, including when the stock arrives, as soon as we have them. Please keep an eye on our social media for these updates. We'll let you know any more info as soon as we know!

Once we have the stock, we will communicate the new local delivery dates. If the situation has changed for you regarding local delivery or store pickup in the meantime, please do contact us once we have posted that we have the stock and we will get your Kaldheim to you however suits you best!

For any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Apologies once again and we'll speak to you soon!

Ritchie, Ian, and Team JustPlay

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