Accommodation for the Justice Series GT

Accommodation for the Justice Series GT

Ritchie McAlley

Hi there!

If you are thinking about booking hotels for the Justice Series GT on March 30th & 31st this year, here are some recommendations and local knowledge to help you out! We know that some people have expressed difficulty in finding hotels, and the bigger more well known hotels do tend to be expensive or booked up quite often, but Liverpool has a ton of options for stays to suit every budget. Read on for more details.

Liverpool is a city but is actually quite small and packed together - you can get from most places to the town centre in under 15 minutes. Between Uber and a huge number of local taxis, trains and buses, getting round is easy and affordable so if hotel prices are a concern, don't rule out hotels that are a little farther out of the town centre - it's very easy to get in and out (whether that's in the morning for the event, or at night if you've decided to stay out!). Parking at the Venue is also just £6 a day for event attendees with a huge amount of parking spaces, so if you're driving, it's easy too.


Serviced Apartments 

As one of the best destinations for nightlife in the country the city is VERY well serviced for apartments which can accommodate large groups, so if you are travelling with friends, check these out as another option. 

Apartments for two at around £80 per night all just a cheap taxi ride/drive away.

Trivelles Liverpool 

Platinum SA - Sefton Suites 

Daniel House

Apartments for 6+ people from as little as £36 each per night in city centre locations

Wood Street Apartments  (6 people £36 per night each)

Modern 4 Bedroom Flat Moments From Liverpool Central (8 people £51 per night each)



Here is a list of a few of the city's hotels, around £80 per night that still have availability at the time of writing.

Epstein House

The next hotel is located "over the water" in Birkenhead, a town incredibly close to Liverpool but separated by the river. Mersey tunnel fees for a car are £1.80, there are a ton of options in this area - here's a good example:

The Liver View



There are an abundance of hostels around the city centre and outskirts. We'd be happy to hold your armies at the venue overnight if this helps with booking a hostel.


As you can see, there are lots of options available for apartments and hotels in Liverpool at reasonable prices if you know where to look, so if you're considering attending the Justice Series GT, book your stay now, grab a ticket, and we'll see you in March for a great weekend of Age of Sigmar!

And as ever, if you need any more help with accommodation or anything else at all, feel free to email us on or Tweet us @justplaygamesuk


-Team JustPlay


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