Warhammer 40k; To Infinity and Beyond!

Warhammer 40k; To Infinity and Beyond!

Shaun Wright

Greetings loyal servants of the Holy Emperor! 


...Now that we've got that out of the way for the inquisition guidelines let's have a little chat about the exciting times ahead for you champions of humanity and xeno alike. It seems we haven't been able to move an inch recently for the repeated waves of Warhammer 40k news and the shocking revelations of just where it looks like we're headed. The first piece of news and one that looks like it could be the start of something greater is the new announcement of Shadow War: Armageddon!

Street Fightin' and Holy Smitin'


Set in the broiling urban networks of a hive world, this new skirmish format is the resurrection of the classic Specialist Game Necromunda. The more venerable readers among you will remember Necromunda as a wonderful city skirmish game pitting the gangs of Necro against each other in bloody, brutal and stylish combat. Necromunda is still revered for featuring a strong progression system and a pretty cool equipment system. Who didn't love kitting their gangers out with as many bolters and meltaguns as you could lay your grubby hands to? At JustPlay we will have the new Organised Play Pack with exclusive certificates, token sets, dice and more! All this should make for a exciting campaign in store more information to come.

The new Organised Play Pack

For us at Justplay the return of this form of organised play is really wonderful news as we're about to begin a slow-grow campaign starting Wednesday 12th April for Warhammer 40,000. This league will focus on collecting, building and painting a new budding force and will allow all of us to try out some funky new forces or even just make ourselves paint our models in a timely fashion for once (I'm guiltily looking at my own unpainted pile right now). Alongside the prospect of starting a new force or getting our stuff beautifully painted, each week will see a new mission played by each member having an effect on the space system the campaign takes place in. Achieve mission specific goals and you'll gain advantages such as ammunition depots, chaotic boons, holy relics and other benefits going forth into the following weeks. 

This new slow-grow campaign supplemented by the skirmish format Shadow War:Armageddon will see many new ways to play 40k in store and to find new and interesting opponents. 

For me personally this next few weeks is going to see me delving back into one of my oldest love affairs in tabletop gaming; the putrescent, bubbling plague bringers of the XIV Legion; The Death Guard. 


The Plagued Man Cometh

The Great Reaper Mortarion approaches.


A plague marine bearing a rotting pox of Nurgle.


A plagued Lieutenant bearing the gifts of his dark lord.


As is clear to see a new dawn is coming for the children of Nurgle in Warhammer 40,000, and I couldn't be more excited. Games Workshops new models look absolutely incredible and the followers of big papa Nurgle have always held a soft (and bloated, some would say decaying) place in my heart. 

I've happily thrown in my lot with the dark gods and will be playing the Death Guard in our upcoming slow-grow campaign and chronicling my progress deeper into Nurgle's favour. Painting blogs, lore and battle reports are all coming soon alongside a detailed layout of our slow grow so make sure to check back in soon for updates and news as we move forward.

Sadly that's it from me ladies and gentlemen, our Wednesday nights have grown week on week with a wide array of marines (and shockingly even a few non Astartes armies) and I've loved meeting you all and seeing your generalship in action. Coming up soon I'm looking forward to leagues, lore and all the fun involvement we'll be seeing from people taking part in the campaign.

If you're looking for a game, this week will be our final store credit raffle for 40k so come on down and smash in some power armour for the glory of the dark gods.


Your loving plague lieutenant,


Justplay Shaun 



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