Vigilus Alone! Campaign Day

Vigilus Alone! Campaign Day

Ash Gavin

Thanks to everyone who attended the narrative Crusade day run by James Hughes, the turnout was ace and we had a great time on the day!

The event in full swing!

This wasn't a tournament, so there was no overall winner, but that doesn't mean there were no prizes! Congratulations to Jack Wood for winning the Best Painted prize with their beautiful Emperor's Children and Slaanesh Daemons.

You can see more of Jack's work on instagram @jfwminis 

Other prizes up for grabs were the Kingslayer award, taken by James Duncan's Saim-Hann wild host for the most character kills throughout the day.

The Favourite Opponent Cup went to a well-deserving Lewis Fargin. 

Morpheus Roscoe's account of an Eversor Assassin who thought his mission was a failure before blowing himself up to claim the life of the enemy warlord, won him the War Story trophy! 

The winners clockwise from top left: Fave Opponent Lewis, Best Painter Jack, Warsinger Morpheus and Kingslayer James. Awards presented by our host James Hughes!

A big thanks to everyone who came down for such a fun day of 40K and a round of applause to James for hosting such a cool event.

The next Warhammer 40,000 event is our April RTT - 2000pts of Matched Play madness! You can grab your tickets here:

See you next time!

Team JustPlay

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