Warhammer: Age of Skeptics

Warhammer: Age of Skeptics

Ritchie McAlley

A four-page rulebook, bonuses to your roll if you have a moustache, no points values, all the lore that many of us have grown up with gone. Even as a lifetime Games Workshop fan (and ex GW staffer), I was very skeptical of Games Workshop's Age of Sigmar (which will now be referred to as AoS) when it was released, and for a long time afterwards.

The development that was apparent in the build up to the release of the Generals Handbook, which would bring points values back to the game, had really sparked my interest. Knowing that during this development Games Workshop had been talking to some of the leading independent tournament organisers in the country (who's independent points systems were being used already by our locals) allowed me to hope that a return to organised play, community involvement and maybe even an attempt at balance was on the cards.

Points, coverage and and events GW doing good!

Since I decided that I was going to take the plunge into AoS, I have not been disappointed. Tournaments at Warhammer World with modern event coverage, no huge balance issues so far, and most of all a huge boom in the number of people playing - clearly I'm not the only one who's excited! The only issue I had was what army I was going to play...

One thing that has never been in doubt since AoS launched was how good the new models are! Stormcast, Fyreslayers and huge monsters of all varieties turned my head but one model really nailed it for me and ultimately was what made my choice for me; the Ironjawz Maw-Krusha. Ever since we got them in stock at JustPlay I'd been eyeing it on the shelf, so that was me playing Destruction!

Just look at all these wonderful monsters!

Just look at all these wonderful monsters!!!


With that decided, please join me for my upcoming blog series on AoS both friendly and competitive! In the next article I'll be talking about my first army list, what units I selected and how/why I made that choice.