Justice Series GT Rules Pack and Entrants (August 21-22nd)

Justice Series GT Rules Pack and Entrants (August 21-22nd)

Ritchie McAlley

The date is closing in and the event is currently full but we are taking reserve lists spots so please get intouch hello(at)justplaygames.uk

The full rulespack linked here Please if you have any questions about rules or interactions you believe again please get intouch (hello(at)justplaygames.uk). We will add any rulings we believe need clarifying to the appendix linked at the rulespack.

Here is a full list of entrants and our current reserve list.

  1. Thomas Best
  2. Luke Garside
  3. Louis Meadows
  4. Christian Kewin
  5. Isaac Wright
  6. Tom Fildes
  7. Greg Jessop
  8. Mike Bennett
  9. Sera-Jane Cooley
  10. Sam Vaughan
  11. Jack Armstrong
  12. Craig Namvar
  13. Ben Baugh
  14. Mike Chaddeton
  15. Gene Coates
  16. Troy Hardy
  17. Jamie Denny
  18. Mathew Davies
  19. John Stevens
  20. Miles Hewitt
  21. Daniel Elkington
  22. Owen Jackson
  23. Daniel Arnold
  24. Matt Grace
  25. Matthew Gouldesbrough
  26. Toby Meadows
  27. James Tinsdale
  28. Matt Tinsdale
  29. Matt McDonnell
  30. Daniel Cooper
  31. Jozef Grzywinski
  32. Aidan Clieve
  33. Dylan Usher
  34. Paul Scott
  35. James Powell
  36. Micheal Wilding
  37. Tom Lees

Reserve list.