JustPlay is a community hub. For different people it is also a haven, or a place where they come to relax, enjoy themselves, feel safe, and more. As such, it is important that our community members conduct themselves in a manner befitting of being a member of such a great community.

With that in mind, please bear in mind the following rules when visiting the JustPlay store, or using any of our social media groups where applicable. The majority of these rules are common sense, and we'd expect that people will ordinarily adhere to them without even trying!


JustPlay is a community, and the store is a community resource. Our staff work very hard to keep it clean, tidy and up to a good standard for our community to use. So please:

  • Tidy up after yourself - the bins are there for a reason.
  • Take care of store property, including chairs, tables, scenery and anything else in the store. If anything is damaged accidentally, please tell us so that we can make it safe for others, or fix it.
  • Leave the bathrooms and facilities as you would want to find them after use. If anything is blocked, anything runs out, or accidents happen, please let us know!

JustPlay is an inclusive, welcoming environment. We expect everyone to adhere to the following:

  • Be excellent to eachother. Be nice. Be kind. Be respectful.
  • Do not use obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, violent, derogatory, demeaning, malicious, hateful or discriminatory language in our store.
  • Don't harass, bully, or intimidate others.
  • Look after your personal hygiene. We have deodorant in the bathrooms if you need it!

JustPlay is a business as well as a community hub. Please respect that fact by following these simple rules:

  • Do not bring outside food or drink into the store. We have an excellent cafe and reasonably priced drinks and snacks available for you.
  • Do not bring counterfeit cards, miniatures, games or other items into the store. This includes 3d-printed copies, recast miniatures, and anything else that is not an original.
  • Don't use excessive amounts of "proxy" models. A few 3rd party miniatures in your armies to add variety, 3d-printed conversion bits, or converted childrens toys is fine. A Warhammer 40,000 army made up of kinder egg toys is not. Be reasonable.
  • Please don't conduct private sales without asking us first.

JustPlay is built on games, and games should be enjoyable by everyone. We expect people to stick to the following:

  • Don't cheat. Ever. In any form.
  • Remember that it takes two (or more!) people to make a game work. Treat your opponent(s) as you would want to be treated.