Age of Sigmar New Edition

Soul Wars and more!

Soul Wars Preorder 15% OFF RRP - begins 16th of June

Secure yours with a 25% Deposit!


Soul Wars, Malign Sorcery and more!

You can pre-order Soul Wars for just £79.99 (over 15% off RRP!) and collect in-store from Midnight Friday 29th June. We will also be open at 8am Saturday 30th June so you don't have to wait long to get your copy! Don't forget that with Colu you can get EVEN MORE savings on this (select Colu at checkout on the webstore) too!

You can also secure your preorder products with a 25% deposit if you are collecting instore use discount code AOSPREORDER on checkout ,final payment will be taken when you come to collect your products.


That's not all - as an official Games Workshop stockist we will have Soul Wars and Malign Sorcery instore EARLY from Saturday 16th June! Come along grab a demo game or just check out the new models and rules.

Check them out in store from the 16th of June!

The first 20 people to spend over £100 on preorders (yes, we'll still count it if you use the discount code!) will receive a Victory Points/Command Points Spinner!



Support your local gaming store and get free stuff with your AOS purchases!


We'll also have our gaming tables and painting areas set up on launch weekend (and always!) for you to get stuck right into assembling your miniatures and playing. 

Check out what will be available on the day at our usual great prices!

Age of Sigmar – Soul Wars

The new core box with two armies, the rulebook and game essentials


Age of Sigmar – Malign Sorcery

Magic is the new way to play! This box will be very desirable for players wanting to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar


Age of Sigmar – Rulebook

The essential book with rules, background and campaigns


Age of Sigmar – General’s Handbook

The essential book with updated point values – Essential for Matched Play


Age of Sigmar – Objectives

New Age of Sigmar styled objectives to battle over


Age of Sigmar – Command Dice

D6 dice to keep track of Command Traits and your unit’s status


Age of Sigmar – Wound Tracker Dice

D8 dice to keep track of wounds


Age of Sigmar – Scenery Effect Dice

D6 dice to keep track of your scenery’s status


Age of Sigmar – Combat Gauge

The essential measuring tool in combat



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