Here at JustPlay we don't just push miniature soldiers around on the table. We push beautifully painted miniatures around, and now you can too! 

For tabletop gaming and board game fans alike, getting paint onto plastic is the ultimate way to bring the hobby to life. There's nothing quite like two fully painted armies facing off across a dramatic battlefield, and the same is true for any board game or roleplaying adventure - don't let grey plastic miniatures ruin your immersion!

Even super-warriors of the 41st millennium need hobbies...

Whether you're entirely new to painting, want to give your existing army a retouch or take your technique to the next level, we can help. 

Call up or drop in to book a Sunday session at your convenience and we'll get you started! Classes are available at 11am, 1pm and 3pm, subject to space.

If you're a brand new painter, good news! For your first session, we'll paint an example miniature completely from scratch using our paints, which you can keep forever, completely free. All we ask is that when you're collecting your Golden Demon painting award in future, you look at that model and remember us...

Speak to a member of staff or contact us for more info!