Welcome to the spell slinging world of Magic: The Gathering. 

Magic the Gathering is a trading card game whose closest relative in the gaming world is chess, it focuses on strategy and resource management. Magic is the world’s first trading card game and boasts an awesome 20,000,000 players worldwide. This means there is no shortage of legendary battles happening across the Multiverse!

Magic has been able to remain so strong for so many years as it offers a wide range of benefits to its players and assists with skills such as, maths, reading ,problem solving and most importantly social skills (this is just to name a few)

Come along for FREE to any of our Saturday schools 12-4pm and our resident MTG expert will show you all the basics! You'll even receive a free starter deck to take home, to start building your deck, and magical talent, right away.

From there, it's an easy step to our weekly Friday Night Magic events, where you can meet and play our friendly community and join the worldwide family of Magic.

Can’t make Saturdays? No problem! Contact us and we can arrange another day where you can learn. Come and discover the global phenomenon of Magic: The Gathering!