Zendikar Rising Collector Booster
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Collector Boosters are supercharged booster packs, loaded with nothing but the best. Each pack includes 15 of the most desirable cards from Zendikar Rising.

Collector Boosters remain our high-end booster, chock-full of the most exciting cards in Zendikar Rising. They're also the only place to open foil Expeditions. Let's do a quick deep dive:

  • Foil Expedition, foil showcase, foil borderless, or foil extended art rare or mythic rare :1
  • Foil showcase common or uncommon :1
  • Showcase or borderless rare or mythic rare :1
  • Showcase common or uncommon :2
  • Foil rare or mythic rare :1
  • Extended-art rare or mythic rare :1
  • Foil full-art basic land :1
  • Foil uncommon :2
  • Foil common :5
  • Foil token :1


  • Guaranteed rares :4
  • Guaranteed foils :11
  • Guaranteed alternate-frame cards :7


Okay! Let's talk about the exciting bonuses that come with booster displays of Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters.


Each Expedition Box Topper contains 1 of 30 of the most exciting lands from the history of Magic—and yes, you can find all ten fetch lands right here. While the box toppers are not foil, they do have a special high-gloss treatment. They each have brand-new art laid out in a gorgeous Expedition frame and their own expansion symbol—these are not Standard-legal cards. You get one of these glossy box toppers in a Set or Draft display, and two in a Collector display. (If you're looking for them in foil, you'll have to check inside Collector Boosters.)


If you buy a booster display from your WPN store, you'll get an alternate-art Orah, Skyclave Hierophant (while supplies last).