WWIII: Soviets Unit Cards (54 cards)
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World War III: Soviet Inside you will find: Background on the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany

  • 2nd Guards Tank Army
  • 94th Guards Motor Rifle Division
  • 7th Guards Tank Division
  • 18th Guards Motor Rifle Division
  • and Yuri Volkov’s Tank Battalion

Instructions on how to build a:

  • T-80 Tank Battalion
  • T-64 Tank Battalion
  • T-72 Tank Battalion
  • T-62M Tank Battalion
  • T-55AM Tank Battalion
  • BMP Motor Rifle Battalion
  • BTR-60 Motor Rifle Battalion
  • Afgantsy Air Assault Battalion
  • or a T-80 Shock Tank Company

Also includes three Scenarios to test your skills with your Soviet force.