Vampire: The Masquerade CHAPTERS
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In Vampire: The Masquerade — CHAPTERS, we draw back the curtain on Montréal, a city still reeling from the aftermath of the Second Inquisition. The systematic eradication of its vampire population finally released the city from Sabbat control, a sect of ruthless and violent monsters, and sent all but the most cunning or lucky of vampires to their final rest. The embers of the extermination still fresh, hungry new powers scramble to claim the newly freed territory.

And among these power-hungry opportunists is the Camarilla. And you.

Through a story-driven and innovative roleplaying experience, you can discover for yourself this city in turmoil, caught in the strings of ancients that hungers for the very heart of the metropolis. Combining the best elements that exist both within RPGs and board games, this entirely novel gameplay we brewed for you at FLYOS will allow you to explore the city through your choices, your successes, your failures and, of course, their inevitable consequences…

Minimum Recommended Age 18!