Tyranids: Malanthrope
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Malanthropes are mysterious biomorphs, shrouded in toxic spores and possessed of a clear and insidious intelligence. Little is known of their true role, for these synaptic carrion feeders are only rarely seen on the battlefield – the Malanthrope follows in the wake of the main Tyranid onslaught, gliding amongst the aftermath of each battle. With long, venomous tendrils, it grasps the bodies of the dead – or paralyzes any unfortunate survivors – and feeds them into its bloated digestive sacs, where its genetic structure can be broken down and analysed at leisure. The Magos Biologis believe that this grisly process is the key to the rapid evolution of each hive fleet.

This multi-part resin kit includes all the components you need to build one Malanthrope. It is also supplied with a 60mm Round Base, featuring scenic texturing and a flying rod.

This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel paints. This resin modelling kit is not a toy – it is a collectible item and construction should only be undertaken by expert Warhammer hobbyists aged 15 years and over.