Transformers Trading Card Game 2 Rise of the Combiners Booster Display
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The TRANSFORMERS Trading Card Game is a fast, action battling card game. In this tabletop game for two players, TRANSFORMERS fans ages 8 and up build a team of TRANSFORMERS character cards and power them up with a customizable deck of battle cards. Every TRANSFORMERS character card is huge – all character cards in the Bumblebee vs Megatron Starter Set and Booster Packs are twice the size of a standard playing card – and each flips from bot mode to alt mode and back. All TRANSFORMERS character cards feature premium printing treatment on their bot-mode sides. The deck of battle cards features Actions and Upgrade cards to enhance TRANSFORMERS character cards.

• Triple-sided cards – a card technology not seen before in the West, only used in the Duel Masters game in Japan

• Combiners – a very popular Transformers brand theme of recent years, offering new gameplay patterns

• 46 Large Character Cards, 81 Battle Cards

• Five combiner teams – super collectible

• Triple-sided cards - Bot, Alt, Combiner

• Combiner team Character in ~1 in 2 packs

• 4 Super Rare Character Cards (vs 2 in Wave 1)

• 2 are “Triple Changer” Character Cards

• 2 New Keyword mechanics

• Powerful Battle Cards with a Star cost – aids constructed deck-building

• New Green Battle Icon

• Brand new WotC-created Generations art in addition to Hasbro art (e.g. Hot Rod)


Booster Contents:

• 1 Oversized, Foil, Transformers character card

• Approx. 1 in 2 booster contain a Combiner team Character Card

• 7 Battle Deck cards