The Justice Series: Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tournament (18-12-21)
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Welcome back to the Justice Series!

This will be a one day, 24-player, 3-game Age of Sigmar tournament of 2000 point pitched battles.

The Game

We will use the Battle Pack from the General's Handbook 2021 along with the Realm Rules, Region of War: The Ghurish Heartlands.

You will play 3 rounds, each using a different battleplan from the General's Handbook 2021. The battleplan will be announced at the start of each round. 

Game Win/Loss is the main metric for scoring and pairing, with tiebreakers in the following order: points scored, Victory Points Scored Capped at 25 per round, Uncapped Victory Points, Strength of Schedule

Painting Standards

We have updated our painting rules to allow people more flexibility as they start collecting and painting a army with scoring to represent this. It is not about having excellent painting, just a standard we can all achieve. If you don't have a painted army that's fine too - but you will miss out on some scoring and therefore are unlikely to place highly.

Minimum standard is all models fully assembled on the correct size base and undercoated: NO grey plastic.

 Painted: 10pts – Your army has been painted with a minimum of 3 Colours and has a Wash or Dry brush applied (or other suitable form of extra detail).

Based: 5pts – Bases (clear flying bases excluded) have some form of texture.

Cohesive Scheme: 5pts – All models look like they all belong to the same Army.

Cast a vote for Best Army (see below): 5pts.

Painting Award

We do of course want to reward the exceptional painting in the community. During the first round the TO will nominate a number of armies for the Best Army award. If you're nominated, you should display your army in the indicated place during the lunch break after round 1.
During that break each player should cast a vote for the army they think looks the best. It's an important part of the event, so casting a vote gets you 5 tournament points in the same way as painting your own models. The winner of the most votes receives a £10 Justplay voucher. In case of a tie, the tiebreaking vote lies with the TO.


Doors Open 10am

  • Start Time 10:30am
  • 3 Rounds of 2h45 minutes each, with a 30 minute break after the first game.
  • Expected finish time 7:30pm

The round timer will be on display along with regular timing updates from the TO. Players should endeavour to play an equal number of turns in the allotted time where possible; when time on the round is called you will have 5 minutes to submit your result before the TO will decide and submit your results. Repeated failure to submit a result could result in point deductions or removal from the event. 

Sign Ups

You can sign up and submit your army to SIGN UP

Please submit your list in text format via Copy & Paste from Warscroll Builder SHORT format


The winner will receive the Justice Series trophy!