Star Wars Unlimited: Sparks of Rebellion Pre-release 3/3/24
In Stock!

The newest TCG from a galaxy far far away has landed! 

Star wars unlimited is a new deck building game full of heroes, villains and the best themes from the star wars universe, and we here at justplay are holding a pre-release event full of exclusive cards, head to head battles and plenty of rewards for those that stand above the rest. 

Entry gets you a Pre-release Player Kit and participation in our in store swiss event that day

Each Player Kit contains:
  • Spark of Rebellion Booster Packs, to build your deck
  • 2 promo cards
  • Quickstart rules
  • Damage counters
  • A deckbuilding guide
  • A deckbox

On the day we will be making our first steps into organised play for the game with a swiss tournament, rounds dependant on entrants. 

For each player entering Justplay will put 1 Spark of Rebellion Booster into the prize pool be be divided amongst the best players of the day! 

Further organised play info for this exciting new game is being revealed as we near the release date so stay tuned! 

Price: £32.99 

Start Time: 1pm