Star Wars Legion Tournament (5/12/21)
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This will be a one-day, three round event for Star Wars Legion!

We do not anticipate Covid restrictions on this event but be aware the format and scheduling is subject to change.

Armies will consist of 800 points or less and follow standard list-building procedures found in Star Wars: Legion official Rules Reference (

There will be three rounds of Swiss pairings each lasting 2h 15m, starting from 10.15am.
The overall winner - determined by tournament points and ties broken by Strength of Schedule - receives the Justplay Legion trophy!

Players will vote for the Best Painted army and the winner of the most votes earns a £5 gift voucher to further their craft!

Prizes: The winner receives a trophy and the Hoth Luke Skywalker limited edition model!

10.30am - Store opens, registration
10.45am - First round begins
13.00 - Lunch break, Best Painted voting takes place
13.30 - Second round begins
16.00 - Final round begins
18.15 - Tournament ends, prizes given!