Soviet LW 'Heavy Assault Group' Army Deal (Plastic)
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1 Soviet Heavy Assault Group Army Deal - Late War box set contains:

  • 4x IS-2 Tanks
  • 2x ISU-122 Assault Guns
  • 2x ISU-152 Assault Guns
  • 4x SU-76 Assault Guns
  • 3x BA-64 Armoured Cars
  • 4x 57mm Or 76mm Guns
  • 9x DPMG & M1891 Rifle Teams
  • 1x Komissar Team
  • 2x Maksim HMG Teams
  • 1x Complete A5 Rulebook
  • 1x Soviet “Start Here” Booklet
  • 2x Decal Sheets
  • 12x Unit Cards